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Now weekly (mostly), this show launched in mid 2015 and offers a UK perspective on the world of podcasting, DIY media-making, social audio and personal broadcasting. It's produced by EMC, the 'Easy Media' company and recorded in London, Bristol and SW England.

Nov 22, 2015

AMPLIFY US (Ep.6 for Oct-Nov 2015)

"The End Is The Beginning: Always Start With A Plan"

The UK podcast about DIY media-making and personal broadcasting. It's free, comes out sometime every month, and is a non-techie podcast about how local businesses are using free online media tools to boost their bottom-line. It's a deep-dive which touches on the psychology and philosophy of media-making for business as well as free tips and tools which could help anyone become their own media-maker.


It's hosted by Kyle Hannan, founder of Bristol's Ecomedia Collective and co-hosted by online marketing expert, business strategy consultant and author Stephen C Campbell 



It's a deep listen this month as we devote a bumper episode to planning and looking ahead. 'The end is the beginning' is an opportunity for a bit of word play: 'end' means 'the finishing point' but it also means an 'objective' or 'aim'. Yep, we talk to our guests about understanding how to set goals, how to plan ahead and how to strategically map out your media-making so that it gets you the result you want. And then working backwards from that to settle on the best way of starting that process. It's all about understanding what next step will take you on the right path to that goal you've set your media-making to achieve for you and your business.



  • Good news for the majority of the world's smartphone-using podcast-listeners. Podcasting is finally coming back to the Android operating system as Google announces they'll be including built-in support for podcasting. Their USA roll out starts in January 2016 and the rest of the world will follow soon. 
  • Pandora announces an exclusive deal with US NPR to release the sequel to 'Serial'. Interesting tie-up between the popular online audio-streaming app and the world's most popular podcast series. 
  • has a new podcasting history Wiki. They're inviting the first round of contributions to cover the years 2004-2010. 
  • There are new live podcasting options from Spreaker. This includes a new live audio broadcasting application for Windows and Mac desktops as well as a new app for Android phones. 
  • The BBC returns with a new radio series called "In Pod We Trust". Host Miranda Sawyer explores some of the best spoken word podcasts available.



  1. Ben Royston of Ben is a leading marketing consultant and digital content creator based in Bristol. He is also a Eurovision Song Contest expert commentator and pundit.. 
    • He likes Over for combining images with text for great looking 'inspi-graphics".
  2. Helen Hopkins of PuddingBridge. Helen founded Pudding Bridge, a hire supplying decorative items for stylish weddings and events throughout the UK. A graduate of The Surrey Institute of Art and Design, she spent more than ten years managing charity events in London and the South West before founding PuddingBridge. At The Wedding Industry Awards 2015, Pudding Bridge was recognised as the region’s ‘Best Wedding Special Touch.
    • She loves the Twitter-owned Periscope for free live video-streaming from a smartphone. 



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This podcast is produced by Ecomedia Collective in Bristol. All rights reserved. 2015