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Now weekly (mostly), this show launched in mid 2015 and offers a UK perspective on the world of podcasting, DIY media-making, social audio and personal broadcasting. It's produced by EMC, the 'Easy Media' company and recorded in London, Bristol and SW England.

Sep 24, 2018

Recorded on a dodgy microphone overnight in central London (left the audio recorder behind, didn’t I? But when you've got to record, you've got to record).

Welcome to the new weekly Amplify Us, Episode 40 for the weekend ending 24th September 2018. A 15 minute look back at what’s happened over the last week in the world of social audio, podcasting, personal broadcasting and DIY media-making, and do it all from a UK perspective.


  • some of the week’s biggest podcast industry news
  • what the top podcasts about podcasting are talking about
  • thoughts and impressions from attending this weekend’s London Podcast Festival
  • takeaways from this last Monday’s annual NextRadio conference, put together by two people who themselves are well known in the podcasting world.
  • which DIY media-making apps are being downloaded most on the app stores this week.


PodChaser recently updated their platform and what they now do is offer podcaster profiles with a new Creator Pages feature. More at

US-based IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) is about to finalise an industry-wide standard for measuring podcast statistics and you can get ahead of the curve now. Read the guidelines here.

Apple have just released an official marketing guide for podcasters. Their toolkit is called Marketing Best Practices for Apple Podcasts and is available at

I attended the London Podcast Festival and the NextRadio Conference, and spent a lot of time with the team from the awesomely useful ISDN-killer CleanFeed, which is something more audio-makers need to know about.



Registration os now open for Radio Days Europe 2019 in Lausanne, Switzerland,

International Podcast Day September 30, 2018 Worldwide • October 18-20, 2018 • Brisbane, Australia. The 4th annual We Are Podcast, the first podcast conference to launch in the southern hemisphere.

Chicago Podcast Festival • November 26-December 2, 2018


This podcast was made by Kyle Hannan, founder of EMC, the Easy Media Company. He does not have a course to sell or a product to promote. He works as a corporate podcast specialist who just loves podcasting and wants to share it with more people. That is all.